Strong growth SEO after three monts of implementation

Flippingcatalog.comis active on the first customer since May 27, 2020.

So three months have passed (today is September 5, 2020) that allow you to make two accounts on the productivityof the platform.

The advantage of the browsable “system” is to improve the SEO structure of the site to which it provides support.

In our agency the SEO of a site is measured with the sales tracked by analytics in the various models under the SEO/organic label.

In a last click analysis(note for technicians) the increase in sales (in number of transactions, purchases) traced organic in the same month of the previous year was respectively inJune +15%, in July +35% and in August +49%.

Which in a first click analysis become (+19%, +49%, +92%).

In short, the incidence of improvement as a good wine increases with experience.