The browseable catalogue of your Ecommerce - How it works

What is

Flipping Catalog is a browse-able that presents all the products of your e-commerce. It runs on a site parallel to yours on our machines to deliver maximum performance. We recommend making it visible on a third level domain of your e-commerce.


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How to update the catalog

The brows-able is regenerated once a day to stay always in line with your e-commerce. You don’t have to do anything and we will re-encode everything after you by updating links, products and images.



We spent a lot of time developing the system with only one goal: speed. To be successful the system must be fast, we provide the same performance with 100 or a million concurrent users. The system has worldwide distribution. 


Speed up your e-commerce

An accelerator for your business

"Before, users used to visit an average of 10 pages of our e-commerce, now they see hundreds of products every time they visit and never get tired. "

Ecommerce Founder

Flipping Catalog is a service provided by Internet Valore srl PI 06767350967