Slow Ecommerce? Give him a quick browse

Importance of speed

The speed of an ecommerce is directly proportional to the ability to convert visitors into buyers. Slow ecommerce means selling less. A leaflet is a solution that does not impact on the main structure.

e-commerce speed

Depth of visit

The browseable browsing automatically induces a much more intuitive action in the catalogue than the classic search on a site. Increasing the products viewed by the customer and thus increasing the sales possibilities.

Pleasantness of experience

We do the things we’re used to doing. Flipping through a magazine is a natural act, navigating an ecommerce a little less. The pleasantness of browsing will accompany the pleasantness of purchase.

e-commerce experience

Speed up your e-commerce

An accelerator for your business

"Before, users used to visit an average of 10 pages of our e-commerce, now they see hundreds of products every time they visit and never get tired. "

Ecommerce Founder

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