Dooitu Online Catalog a Magento shop

Dooitu was born from a passion for DIY with the precise aim of quickly becoming the e-commerce platform of reference for fans of creative do-it-yourself (DIY). A classic Magento: menu, categories, search

dooitu standard

Our flipping solution

It goes alongside the client’s ecommerce, on a subdomain of his. A quick grid to reach the browseable experience.


A new rapid world

The site has a recognized exceptional speed. Because every user matters. The service is the basis of our flipping catalog.

That give a pleasant experience

We do the things we’re used to doing. Flipping through a magazine is a natural act, navigating an ecommerce a little less. The pleasantness of browsing will accompany the pleasantness of purchase.

Speed up your e-commerce

An accelerator for your business

"Before, users used to visit an average of 10 pages of our e-commerce, now they see hundreds of products every time they visit and never get tired. "

Ecommerce Founder

Flipping Catalog is a service provided by Internet Valore srl PI 06767350967